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photo by Amanda Kapellen

Raymeister* x Tashka*/Opus*/Olympic Idocus
2010 USDF Training Level Horse of the Year
2010 USDF 1st Level Horse of the Year
2011 USDF 2nd Level Horse of the Year
2011 USDF 3rd Level Reserve Horse of the Year
2012 USDF 3rd Level Reserve Horse of the year
2013 Not Shown until Regional Championships because of injury
2013 Region 4 Stallion Champion
2013 Dressage at Devon Stallion Champion
2014 USDF Region 4 Prix St Georges Champion
2014 USDF 4th Level Reserve Horse of the Year

  • 16.3+ hh ISR/Oldenburg stallion
  • xx
  • Winner 2007 30-Day Stallion Performance Test
  • XX
  • Highest score in U.S. testing history - 164.86
  • Dressage index of 175.34
  • Jumping index of 153.80
  • Perfect 10 on his canter from all judges
  • 2008 - 2009 won 110 of 121 classes  with under saddle scores as high as 91+% & only 5 judges scoring him less than 75%
  • 2009 won USDF 4-5 yo Materiale with an 85.5%, the highest median under-saddle score ever recorded by USDF
  •   23 scores over 80%
  • 13 perfect 10 scores for canter and walk
  • 2007-2009 Multiple USDF HOY awards
  • Sire of Rotendro, certified breeding stallion for the ISR/Oldenburg NA


Breeding Fee: $1,200 USD to select mares only, $1,500 to others

Booking:  $300 USD

click here to download Rashka's 2019 stallion service contract

photo by

"Rashka produces amazing youngsters..we've had 3 of them and love them all.  We, here at Misty Meadows Horse Farm, all LOVE Rashka babies..beautiful, talented and smart."  – Suzanne Lorbeck Myers


"He is the most intelligent horse I've ever been around and his personality is unbelievable.... He is BRILLIANT ... He basically learns everything he's taught immediately. From day one his balance has been phenomenal and his gaits are very soft/elastic.... His canter to so fun, I have to remind myself to make him work in the trot. He's sensitive to the aids with an easy forward and excellent downwards.... He loves to work, his temperament is excellent (sleeps in the cross-ties), and he knows a bunch of tricks that he'll perform for a cookie. He's fabulous."     - Katie Lawrence about her Rashka son Radicus

"[My Rashka mare] has been a talented expressive partner who has made me a much better rider."  - Tina Zehnder

"[Rashka] definitely improved the Hanoverian mare's foal's canter and hind end" on our 2018 colt, Roulette, out of Fleurette by Fabuleux. "[H[e has been super dispositioned as well!"  - Heather Thacker

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Open PSG Regional Champion
photo by Carolynn Bunch

September 2013
photo by Louise Beil

Open PSG Regional Champion
Photo by Carolynn Bunch

Rashka**** is from four generations of USDF Horse of the Year winners.  He was winner of his Stallion Performance test with the highest score in the history of US testing, 164.86, with a Dressage index of 175.34, a jumping index of 153.80, and a 10 on his canter from all judges.  He is consistently winning FEI levels, even at Regionals, with scores in the 70s and 9s on  gaits.  He is schooling all the Grand Prix.

Sire: Raymeister* is approved by both AHHA and ISR/Oldenburg. He was the highest scoring stallion at the 2002 Stallion Performance Test, is a three-time winner at Dressage at Devon, and has won firsts at Regional USDF in-hand and dressage championships. Ray was the 2005 USDF Leading Dressage Holsteiner. His foals have won USDF/Cosequin Championships, inspection sites, and HOY awards. We bred and showed Ray till he was 6 years old and won at every show.  Now, renamed GP Raymeister, owned by Ginna Franz,and ridden/trained by KYB Dressage to Grand Prix, he has become the most winning dressage horse in USDF history.

Dam: Tashka* by Opus*** is a Premium ISR/Oldenburg and AHHA approved mare, an 8-time Horse of the Year winner (4 USDF & 4 ISR/Oldenburg), a multiple regional championship winner, and a DAD Suitability winner.

photo by Bob Tarr

photo by Bob Tarr

June 2012
photo by Adam Lee


Otober 2007
Photo by Bob Tarr

photo by Karen Leitz


June 2012
Photo by Adam Lee

Performance Record:
Premium ISR/Oldenburg colt with a score of 8.2
USDF Weanling Colt Reserve Champion
  averaging 81% and winning all his classes.
Regional Champion Young Colts & Geldings,  Great American/USDF Breeders Championship Series, East Central Region, with 81+%
2007 USDF Reserve Champion 3 yo Colts and Geldings
2007 USDF Reserve Champion 3 yo Materiale
2007 Winner 30-Day Stallion Performance test, with the
         highest score in U.S. testing history, 164+.
         (dressage index of 175.34, jumping index of 153.80, 10 from all judges on his
Dressage at Devon won Oldenburg 3 yo and Older Class, his only in-hand class, with an 80.8%

          2nd in 4-5 yo Suitability

          3rd in 4 yo Materiale

          4th in Stallions 4 and Over

          5th and 3rd in FEI 4 yo

2008 Midwest Training Level Champion
2008 USDF Mature Horse Stalion Champion
2008 USDF 4-5 YO Materiale Champion
2008 USDF top 10 in Training and 1st Level
2008 USEF Silver Stirrup Grand Champion Lower Level Dressage
2008 USEF Silver Stirrup FEI Young Horse - 4YO Champion
2008 USEF Silver Stirrup DSHB Mature Horse Champion
2008 USEF Silver Stirrup Dressage Breeding - Material Reserve Ch
2008 USEF Silver Stirrup Training Level Dressage  Reserve Ch
2008 USEF Silver Stirrup First Level Dressage - 4th Place
won 53 of his 61 classes (first 41 straight) - undefeated at Training level
In 2008-2009 Rashka won 110 of his 121 classes
2009 USDF 4&5 YO Materiale Champion
2009 USDF 1st Level Freestyle Challenge Champion
2009 USDF Training Level Reserve Champion
2009 USDF 1st Level Freestyle Reserve Champion
2009 USDF DSHB Mature Horse Stallion Reserve Champion
2009 USDF All Breeds - ISR/Oldenburg
         FEI 5 YO Champion
         Open 1st Level Champion
         Open Training Level Champion
         1st Level Musical Freestyle Champion
         4&5 YO Materiale Champion
         DSHB Mature Horse Stallion Champion
2009 USEF/PHR Training Level Dressage Champion
2009 USEF/PHR 1st Level Freestyle Champion
2009 USEF/PHR 5 Yr Old - Young Horse Dressage Champion
2009 USEF/PHR 1st Level Dressage Reserve Champion
2009 USEF/PHR Dressage Breeding Materiale Champion
2009 USEF/PHR DSHB Mature Horse Champion
2009 USEF/PHR 2nd Level Dressage - 6th Place
2009 IDCTA USDF Open Freestyle Champion
2009 IDCTA Open First Level Champion
2010 USDF Dressage HOY Training Level Champion
2010 USDF Dressage HOY 1st Level Champion
2010 Third place in USDF 2nd Level
2010 Top 9% in USDF 3rd Level
2010 Markel/USEF Young Horse Dressage Program
         6-year-old FINAL RANKINGS: 7th with an overall average of 7.6
2010 USDF DSHB Mature Horse Stallion Champion
2010 USDF All-Breeds - ISR/Oldenburg
        FEI 6 Year-Old Young Horse Champion
        DSHB Mature Horse Stallion Champion
        Open Training Level Champion
        Open First Level Champion
        Open Second Level Champion
        Open Third Level Champion
        Musical Freestyle - Second Level Reserve Champion
2011 USDF Dressage HOY 2nd Level Champion
2011 USDF Dressage HOY 3rd Level Reserve Champion
2011 USDF All-Breeds - ISR/Oldenburg
       Open Second Level Champion
       Open Third Level Champion
       Open Fourth Level Reserve Champion
2012 USDF Dressage HOY 3rd Level Reserve Champion
2012 USDF All Breeds - ISR/Oldenburg 
      Open 3rd Level Champion
      Open 4th Level Champion
2012 GAIG/USDF Region 4 Mature Horse Stallion Champion
2012 USDF Region 4 Championship
      Open Prix St Georges - 3rd
      Open 4th Level - 5th
Shown only at very end of season because of time off due to injury
2013 USDF Region 2 Sport Horse Series Final Mature Horse Stallion
DAD Stallion Champion
DAD 4 YO and Older Stallion/Gelding Under Saddle Champion


2014 USDF Region 4 Prix St Georges Champion
2014 USDF Dressage HOY 4th Level Reserve Champion


2015 USDF All Breeds - ISR/Oldenburg
         Open Prix St. Georges Reserve Champion
         Open I-1 Champion
         Vintage Cup Prix St Georges Winner w/ 70.263
         Vintage Cup I-1 Winner w/ 68.026


photo by Bob Tarr

photo by Bob Tarr

Rashka* Raymeister* Rantares Ronald Ramiro
Imkal Cor de la Bryere
Miss Nickel Annie* xx Call Me Penny xx Call Me Prince xx
Four Penny xx
Miss Nickel xx Big Welcome xx
Elbie Nickel xx
Tashka* Opus* Idocus* Equador
Elite J Adelian*** Admiraal Ferdinand
Bashka* Butow* Mahagoni
Barina II
Anna* St Pr Aktuell*
Linda's Toy*xx
Pedigree generated by

photo by Bob Tarr

photo by Amanda L. Graser

Photo by Amanda L. Graser

Photo by Amanda L. Graser




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